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Elevate your space.

Looking to fill a wall? SEG is a cost effective, large format printing technology that is changing the art space.


These high resolution images are printed to a non-creasing, canvas-weight fabric and are delivered in a tube along with a 1" deep edgeless frame. With very little time / effort, the frame fits together and the image slips into the groove to create a high end, large format look that creates that BIG mountain vibe.

With sizes ranging from 24"- 108", you will be able to fill any sized space.


Easy as . . .




SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) is an extremely user friendly product. Simply assemble the frame, and starting in one corner, fold the edges in the corner together, pushing them into the groove on the frame. Repeat in all four corners, and slide your finger along the print, pushing the edging into the slot. The image will pull taut and is ready to hang! 

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